Hello and Welcome to our website showcasing our Engineering Services. Got an impression already! Of course, we provide Design Services –
but other activities are also in our portfolio. Like CAD Services, Training and Reverse Engineering.


What makes us unique is our holistic approach to problems. You see we are a team of specialists in Design, Manufacture, Assembly / Prototyping and Marketing. We concurrently work on solutions for your projects. Be they Complete Design Projects or Outsourcing of Detail Design contracts. The net benefit to you is, you get a matured service. As evidenced by our Clients’ experiences.


Our focused competencies are in – New Product Development, Mechanical Design, Industrial Machinery, Machine Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Food Processing and Additive Manufacturing. Leveraging our team’s multifunctional expertise we deliver quality service on time and to budget.


We are dedicated to – ‘Value Creation with Excellence’ to our Clients.